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Try to search if you know video title or artist name. Another way is to copy video URL and insert it here, hit Download to proceed.
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How to extract audio from Youtube vids & download file?

Convert Youtube videos to MP3 or M4A

Youtube-Video will open your eyes on the quality of sound of Youtube videos. No matter if it's a song or a gameplay broadcast, there's always roughly 130kbps of sound available. Well, we disagree, and that's why we offer juicy 320kbps sound to download from our site, excellent work and just popular with your crowd. Try it out, you will forget your other MP3 converter and start only using this one for sure.

Convert Youtube vids to MP3 or M4A file

Youtube-Video insists that M4A format is much better than MP3, it has richer sound that MP3 simply doesn't support. Yet again we are here offering genuine MP3 converter option for Youtube videos, as it appears to be that most leaders in our niche do not provie MP3, but rather M4A or even MP4 disguised as MP3. Well not us, we actually convert video sound track to MP3 file and have it for you to download promptly. Try it out, you will know the difference of 320kbps sound.


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Save this bookmark by drag-and-drop method, cause it's not just website URL but rather a little of code that will copy URL of the page you are on when you press this bookmark. It sends you here and inserts video URL into the form to save you step of copy-paste.

FAQ - Questions & Answers

What converter formats are used here?

We try to do our best provide all possible formats, including most used MP3, M4A, etc for audio extractor and converter

Is there daily or monthly limits on this site?

No. No signup, no engagement, just use this to convert Yt vids to MP3 when needed, no questions asked.

Is there simple way to extract MP3 from Youtube?

  1. Copy video link to clipboard, usually try via Share button.
  2. Visit youtube-video and insert link into the form, hit Download to see the options.
  3. Now you can pick the audio size and format like MP3, M4A, etc and download to your computer or mobile.

What other sites does the MP3 converter accept?

We work with Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Tik Tok, Reddit,, and 100s of other sites, just need to try, copy video link and paste it here, then click download and see if we support it (hint, we will show download options if we do).